Decision making is fundamental to individual, team, and organisational performance. We believe that EVERYONE can make better decisions. Through over 25 years of experience at Thompson Dunn, we know that speedy and effective decisions are made spontaneously, and are then often supported by an analysis of the relevant facts. Our conclusion is that understanding the role of INTUITION and gut feeling can help you make better decisions.

Do you know when a decision just feels right? Do you know what makes up a good decision?

By giving you some insight into decision making, we can help you make better decisions and communicate them more effectively. In response to our awareness of how people make decisions – we have developed the Decision Profile.

The Decision Profile is a psychometric instrument designed and developed to explore how people make decisions, and to illustrate the underlying elements of their decision making profile. The tool specifically measures an individual’s attitudes to three decision making elements; RISK, LUCK, and DECISIVENESS. It then creates a unique, personalised profile for individuals, group or whole organisation by assessing how these three elements interact.

The circular graph above shows an individual’s decision making preferences, with the yellow star indicating how  intuition  plays a role in their decision making.

The circular graph above shows an individual’s decision making preferences, with the yellow star indicating how intuition plays a role in their decision making.

A particular advantage of the Decision Profile is that pays attention to the use of Intuition. Current neuro-scientific research supports the utility of the Decision Profile as a business and leadership tool, including how intuition and Intuitive Intelligence influence our choices. Decisions are more than the speed of our conclusions. How decisions are made and communicated informs our individual, group and organisational performance.

The Decision Profile has the potential to unlock your individual, group and organisational decision making and allow you to operate more effectively in your life and work

The Decision Profile brings order and clarity to the exploration and presentation of the complexities of human decision making. In particular, it demonstrates what behaviours may be produced by a decision making style (e.g. a Leader or Investigator Profile). We believe the Decision Profile will empower you, your team, or your organisation to make, understand, and communicate your decisions with much greater clarity.


What are the benefits of using the decision profile?

  • Understand your individual approach to decision making

  • Examine how you use and apply your Intuition - NO other psychometric instrument available can do this

  • Assess how groups make decisions, and explore how group choices and decisions can be developed

  • For assessment and development of the whole organisation, including its culture

  • Virtually build teams and recruit for talent that you do not have with Thompson Dunn services

  • Can be used with other instruments in the screening of candidates for recruitment purposes

  • Provides fundamental support to talent development and succession planning

  • We can work with clients to develop their individual or organisational decision making

  • The online questionnaire is user-friendly and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete

  • Immediate results. Reports are available for instant download



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