How do I provide ongoing support and counsel to those who can best leverage business performance?

Executive Leadership Coaching focuses on supporting leaders to deal with the strategic and people management challenges that they face with greater confidence and composure.

Our approach combines our knowledge of organisational and individual behaviour, alongside a pragmatic and commercially-minded focus on achieving performance targets and organisational goals.

Individual blocks to progress often require the coach to ‘get under the surface’ of an issue to realise leadership potential. Thompson Dunn coaches are qualified to work at this level of enquiry with your senior managers.

Executive Leadership Coaching contracts can be time specific or open access. They may be contracted in 6 or 12 month periods. During that time, the client can;

  • Arrange face-to-face coaching sessions at our London premises or any suitable venue for both coach and client
  • Arrange telecoms, Skype calls and communicate by email whenever they require it
  • Call the consultant at any time. This is a responsive service and the coaching consultant will respond within 24 hours
  • Arrange observation days where the coach ’shadow’ the coachee and feedback on their activities

        We always baseline our coaching with a psychometrically-based assessment first. Working on personal development plans, compiled as part of executive assessment, is a natural follow on, which makes sense to leaders who are keen to achieve excellence at all times.