Who are your future leaders and what do they need from you right now?

It is not always self-evident who are the natural leaders and successors to your current senior management team.

Thompson Dunn provide objective assessment and recommendation on identifying and supporting your future leaders. With this information you can more accurately deploy training and development budgets to ensure the timely realisation of your top talent’s leadership potential.

A Potential / ‘Head Room’ Assessment can offer you insight into;

  • Communication styles and modes of interaction in different situations
  • Analytical reasoning skills (Verbal / Numerical / Abstract)
  • Strategic and creative thinking skills
  • Potential growth of strategic thinking and suitability for broader leadership positions
  • Team-working styles. What team type would they usually adopt?
  • Leadership style
  • Reporting style
  • An individuals’ ‘blind spots’ that can hinder their progressing to senior positions and how to address them

              This process offers invaluable information that supports your decisions in where best to place staff, as well as more difficult situations such as downsizing and integrating business units. Where high potential individuals are identified, Thompson Dunn can consult on longer term career management that will engage key people and ensure staff retention.