Can the executive team deliver the investment thesis?

Human due diligence is a private capital equity solution that gives you powerful competitive insight into the people that will run the organisation you are seeking to acquire. It is an in-depth analysis of management capability and future potential.

Financial and commercial due diligence will offer significant advisory components to all M&A decision-making, however it will NOT offer the acquirer all the information they need to ensure that commercial synergies are fully realised.

Our focus is on delivering your objectives for the company within the ‘turnaround’ timeframe and leaving the acquired company in a position where it will be more attractive to the next purchaser.

The following is a list of components that form our human due diligence services.


We can provide a range of team events to ensure the collective effort is working as well as it can. Our strength is our ability to facilitate you in identifying the critical issues for your team. We can deal with the ‘pain points’ in teams and address their development requirements. This is done in a fresh and innovative way, whilst always focusing on the central business challenges.

Supporting with workforce through change

Our workshops empower individuals to be productive and proactive in times of uncertainty and change. We deal with the fear, suspicion and mistrust that can occur throughout the organisation as it transitions. We can positively effect the responsiveness to change within the workforce

Succession planning

This is essential to building a strong, sustainable, competitive business. We can develop assessment centers to identify and develop the leadership potential lower down the organisation.

Exit strategy

Leadership development helps the retention of key staff who you wish to keep as part of your sale of the business.