In tough trading conditions can you afford to get your recruitment decisions wrong? How can you minimise your risk?

The candidate information that is available to you goes way beyond what is observable at interview.

Thompson Dunn provides expert and thorough Recruitment Assessment of your short-listed recruitment candidates for senior management, Director and Board level appointments. We work alongside senior decision makers as a strategic partner in your Executive Recruitment Process.

Why can we help? We have;

  • Comprehensive experience and understanding of senior search and selection procedures
  • The experience of liaising with recruitment and search firms as a third party assessment provider
  • Understanding of the potential difficulties and common pitfalls of what can for you be a time consuming and challenging process
  • The ability to design a process that draws out the information you need to know about your candidate
  • A consultative approach that is highly responsive and communicates to you in a timely manner through your search
  • Objectivity and neutrality to your process
  • Qualified consultants who can utilise a broad range of personality and ability measures
  • The ability to work with individual role descriptions, competency frameworks or corporate culture guidelines within our assessment template