How can I offer coaching support to all those who need it?

Tactical and Management Coaching offers organisations the opportunity to purchase pre-paid coaching hours that can be utilised at the discretion of the client. A group of highly qualified coaches work together to deliver a unified organisational support package.

This service allows for the strategic use of coaching for a broader set of individuals. It can be particularly effective in offering employee assistance during times of significant organisational change and re-structure, to sustain staff performance through times of uncertainty.

Coachees can book to see the coach face-to-face at the Thompson Dunn office for a minimum two hour session, or alternatively book a pre-arranged telecom or Skype session. We can also deliver coaching at the clients’ site of a minimum of 5 pre-arranged hours are scheduled for the day. A monthly usage report is submitted to the organisation, together with an overview of activity and organisational trends that may be evident.