How can our leadership team ‘model’ the engagement we ask of the whole organisation?

Senior, cross-functional teams are often virtual in nature, and simply getting together in one room is a rare event! Our facilitation of such an event adds focus and direction to the goals of the day, as well as objective observation and feedback on team dynamics. Whatever the situation, we can offer a psychologically grounded, flexible, and creative response that addresses the business imperatives.

Research suggests that teams must work together 12 times before high performance can be achieved. This is not possible in many instances, and external facilitation will help to expedite the team’s progress.

Team effectiveness requires strategy, robust tactics and rational response. Group decision-making, however, is invariably politically and emotionally driven and this area needs to be addressed equally in building group leadership capabilities.

Teams need to continue to build on their ‘best practice’ of working together and be self-directed after the event. We transfer skills for the team to continue its development, and arrange follow-up sessions to chart and evaluate progress.

Senior team members often benefit from individual sessions prior to a team event, which offer the chance for individual support, insight and feedback of psychometric tools if they are designed into the event. Written reports can be contracted to document and interpret levels of team effectiveness and include recommendations for a group development plan.