2019 – Need to change the way you work? Too busy being busy to innovate?

Take a break and check out Josh Cohen’s new book ‘Not Working’. He advocates “less doing and more being”, an antidote to business in order to explore your creativity. His examples of sloth and what it can produce are supported by the lives and outputs of many artists. Rod Judkins from St Martin’s College of Art takes up the theme in ‘The Art of Creative Thinking’. He introduces us to the notion of “to achieve something, do nothing”. Supporting his argument with the thesis that “working is a dangerous form of procrastination” and that “creativity is the most difficult thing the human mind has to tackle”. That being the case, why do we abnegate our responsibility to ourselves to produce our best efforts by tidying up, answering non urgent e-mails, cruising the internet, doing research, planning, arranging and attending meetings…the list is endless regarding what we will do to avoid being at our very best. Why?

If you want to change the way you do things in 2019, seriously consider doing nothing for a while and see what emerges from your ‘empty space’.

A conversation with a client today reinforced this perspective. Highly successful, his current role is coming to an end. “Should I take a break, will I get bored?” he asked. The fear of an empty space can be pervasive for those of us who feel compelled to be busy. His conclusion is to take a break and “clear his own desk”. New ideas will follow. Being a curious, energetic and thoughtful man, I think he will not be bored and may be as busy as he wants to be, doing something creative and innovative when the time is right.

Pat Thompson Managing Director and Principal Psychologist Thompson Dunn Ltd and Decision Profile Ltd


-       Not Working: Why We Have To Stop by Josh Cohen. Published by Granta -       The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins. Published by Sceptre