recruitment assessment

In tough trading conditions can you afford to get your recruitment decisions wrong? How can you minimise your risk?

You need an objective ‘line of sight’ on your candidates and information that goes beyond what is observable at interview.

Thompson Dunn provides expert and thorough Recruitment Assessment of your short-listed recruitment candidates for senior management, Director and Board level appointments. We work alongside senior decision makers as a strategic partner in your Executive Recruitment Process. Follow the link below for more information.


'head room' assessment

Who are your future leaders and what do they need from you right now?

It is not always self-evident who are the natural leaders and successors to your current senior management team.

Thompson Dunn provide objective assessment and recommendation on identifying and supporting your future leaders. With this information you can more accurately deploy training and development budgets to ensure the timely realisation of your top talent’s leadership potential. Follow the link below for more information.


executive development assessment

How do I retain my high performers, and develop capabilities within my senior executives?

Assessing the core strengths and development areas of your senior staff is essential to business growth. Investing in and developing existing employees is often a wiser option than replacing them. Unlocking potential in executives creates greater business performance and personal engagement.