Tactical and Management Coaching

How can I offer coaching support to all those who need it?

Tactical and Management Coaching offers organisations the opportunity to purchase pre-paid coaching hours that can be utilised at the discretion of the client. A group of highly qualified coaches work together to deliver a unified organisational support package.


Executive Leadership Coaching

How do I provide ongoing support and counsel to those who can best leverage business performance?

Executive Leadership Coaching focuses on supporting leaders to deal with the strategic and people management challenges that they face with greater confidence and composure.



How can our leadership team ‘model’ the engagement we ask of the whole organisation?

Senior, cross-functional teams are often virtual in nature, and simply getting together in one room is a rare event! Whatever the situation, we can offer a psychologically grounded, flexible, and creative response that addresses the business imperatives.


Executive Mentoring

How can we encourage peoples' potential and provide practical leadership development?

Thompson Dunn can successfully integrate an internal mentoring scheme into your organisation. The benefits of effective mentoring are numerous; from nurturing talent, to increasing staff retention and commitment, internal mentoring is a powerful and cost-efficient talent management strategy.